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Investment Philosophy 

Our investment philosophy seeks to deliver growth in the deployment of our clients’ capital through long-term investment in individual equity and fixed-income securities, viewing each security as a purchase into a business and not just some ticker flashing on a screen. We seek companies that hold favorable, durable economic characteristics and aim to buy these companies at sensible prices.

Our Primary focus is in the management of individual stock and bond portfolios. By investing into individual securites, our clients can benefit from the unlimited upside potential of stocks, while also benefiting from the predictable stream of interest and dividend income from owning fixed-income positions, reducing overall portfolio risk.

Our belief is that no two investors are alike. We spend a considerable amount of time with each client to understand their full financial picture, giving us the accuracy to carefully construct an appropriate portfolio based on each clients' unique individual circumstance.

We are mindful of each clients' tax situation and aim to maximize after-tax yield, while taking advantage of any tax-loss harvesting opportunities presented throughout the year.

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